Vaginoplasty in Kanpur is a surgical procedure to reconstruct the vulvo-vaginal anatomy. It aims to help women who have suffered some type of vaginal alteration, caused by very traumatic vaginal births, such as a very long delivery time or a larger-than-normal newborn. It can also be caused by muscle weakening due to age.

This vaginal enlargement or looseness is a natural and quite recurrent phenomenon. The region of perineal weakness corresponds to a small diamond-shaped area formed by muscles (sphincters) and skin and covering from the underside of the vulva to the anus.

They are usually women who suffer from some degree of urinary incontinence or involuntary leakage of urine when coughing, sneezing, laughing, exercising, during sexual intercourse, that is, situations in which there is an increase in the internal pressure of the abdomen.

Some women just want to improve the appearance of their external genitalia. regain your self-esteem and increase the sensation of vaginal “tightness” during intercourse.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Vaginoplasty in Kanpur?

It is the surgery that corrects the relaxation of the vaginal muscles caused by age and post-pregnancy.

What is the indication for Vaginoplasty?

They are usually women with a history of vaginal delivery, with or without complaints of leakage of urine on exertion, sensation of vaginal enlargement, elimination of vaginal flatus (air) during sexual intercourse, loss or decrease in sexual pleasure (lack of contact and friction during penetration).

Which exam is essential in addition to the usual pre-surgical exams?

The plastic surgeon in Kanpur usually request a Urodynamics Study, an exam capable of evaluating the degree of urinary incontinence. The interpretation of the exam by the team’s Gynecologist will guide the best type of treatment (clinical-physiotherapeutic, surgical or both).

What should be the preoperative preparation for performing Vaginoplasty in Kanpur?

It is recommended to perform physical therapy exercises to strengthen the pelvic muscles, according to medical advice. Two days before surgery, use a low-fiber, low-residue diet. The day before surgery, use of laxatives for bowel emptying. The day before and the day of surgery, intimate cleaning with antiseptic soaps. Perineal shaving should be performed a week before or immediately before the start of surgery (inside the operating room), never the day before.

Which anesthesia is most used?

Local, epidural or spinal, all with sedation.

How long does the surgery take?

Vaginoplasty lasts an average of 60 to 90 minutes.

How is the surgery performed?

Through a longitudinal incision in the vaginal introitus, the posterior mucosa of the vaginal wall is detached, exposing the PFM (Musculature of the Pelvic Floor) and the perineal sphincter. The approximation of these muscles is performed, removing the excess of the mucosa and the perineal skin, with simple and VY closure.

Where will my future scar be? Will it be visible?

Part of it will be located on the posterior wall of the vagina (inner) and part of it in the perineal region (outer).

What are the care in the late postoperative period?

Use cold compresses, use external vaginal pad, wash with Dermacid, apply specific vaginal creams, wear looser underwear, avoid physical exercises for 30 days, avoid sexual intercourse for six weeks, among others.

What intercurrences are possible?

Complications are rare but can occur in the immediate period: excessive bleeding, excessive swelling and infection within the first 72 hours of the procedure. Other rare late complications are stricture or excessive narrowing of the vagina.

Is Vaginoplasty in Kanpur very painful?

Yes, the surgery is very uncomfortable in the first few days, but very strong analgesic drugs are prescribed, in addition to anti-inflammatory suppositories in the postoperative period.

What can I expect from the results of the surgery?

You can expect a tighter vagina, better achieving and increasing sexual pleasure. Also, some benefit in controlling urine loss on exertion.

What do I need to do after the surgery?

After a month of surgery, you should perform PFM strengthening physical therapy exercises.

When can I have sex?

After six weeks (40 days more or less) of surgery.

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