Eyelid Surgery in Kanpur or Blepharoplasty is a surgery that removes excess fat (“bags”) and wrinkled and drooping skin from the upper or lower eyelid. Sometimes it can even interfere with vision.
Helps eliminate tired or aged appearance.

Candidates for Eyelid Surgery in Kanpur – Blepharoplasty

Most candidates for eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty in Kanpur are 35 years of age or older, however if drooping eyelids run in your family, you may be able to undergo eyelid surgery at a younger age.

A combination of one or more of the following conditions may indicate that you are a good candidate for surgery:

  • Excess skin on the upper eyelid, sometimes impairing vision
  • Appearance of tired eyes
  • Excess skin and fine wrinkles of the p. lower
  • Bags and dark circles (“dark circles”) under the eyes
  • Lower eyelid drooping, showing white below the iris

Eyelid surgery in Kanpur (blepharoplasty) can usually correct these problems.

But sometimes other treatments are needed. For example, if the upper eyelid problem is accompanied by drooping eyebrows, then a brow lift with botulinum toxin may be necessary.

Erasing crow’s feet wrinkles may require chemical peeling, dermabrasion, or laser.

The “dark circles” under eyes tired by dark pigmentation can be treated with a whitening solution or a chemical peel or through techniques of redistribution of eye fat.

Surgery planning

The initial consultation with Dr. Amit Verma is very important. He needs to know his complete medical history, including previous surgeries, other medical problems, and the medication he is taking. Smoking, high blood pressure, thyroid problems or diabetes are among the medical conditions that can increase the risk associated with eyelid surgery.

You should provide any relevant information from your ophthalmologist, such as if you have eye allergies, if you wear contact lenses (bring them with you) if you suffer from so-called “dry eye” or any other problem with your eyes.

You should talk about your goals and expectations. The plastic surgeon in Kanpur will ask you to look in a mirror and say exactly what you want to improve. He should discuss whether it is necessary to treat all 4 eyelids or just the upper or lower eyelids, and whether other procedures are indicated.

The particular technique recommended for you depends on several factors such as the amount of excess fat and skin on your eyelids, the position of your eyebrows and the condition of your eyelid muscles. In general, this surgery can be performed under local anesthesia on an outpatient basis.

Be sure to ask any questions you have doubts about, especially those that have to do with your expectations.

Preparation for Eyelid Surgery in Kanpur

The Dr. Amit Verma will give you specific instructions on how to prepare for the surgery. If you smoke, you should preferably stop before surgery. Aspirin and certain anti-inflammatories should be avoided before surgery because they can increase bleeding.

Following these instructions will help your surgery to be carried out more efficiently and without obstacles.

Where is the surgery performed?

It can be performed at a Clinic (without hospitalization) or in a hospital.

Eyelid surgery in Kanpur usually does not require hospitalization. Therefore, preferably have someone take you home after the surgery and stay with you for at least the first night after the surgery.

Type of Anesthesia

Eyelid surgery is usually performed under local anesthesia which infiltrates the area around the eyes, associated with oral sedatives. You are awake during the surgery but will be relaxed and insensitive to pain. For your safety during the operation several monitors are used to assess your heart, blood pressure, pulse, and blood oxygen.

The surgery

The aim of Dr. Amit Verma and his staff is to make your surgical experience as easy and comfortable as possible.

The surgery usually takes 1 hour. If you operate on all 4 eyelids, you probably start with the upper ones and then the lower ones.

After surgery

You can stay at the Clinic for a few hours with “cold glasses”. You will feel some discomfort in your eyes when the effect of the local anesthetic wears off, but there will be no severe pain.

After the procedure you may have bruising and swelling around the eyes, this is normal. And it will be gone in about 10 days.

Other side effects such as swelling, dry eyes, itchy or burning eyes, watery eyes and sensitivity to light may occur within the first week.

Post Procedure

After five to seven days, return to the Regency Hospital to have the stitches removed. You can work the day after surgery, but most people are usually away from work for about two weeks for social reasons.

You should not drive a car for the first 24 hours after blepharoplasty in Kanpur and you may have some difficulty reading in the first few days after surgery, but these problems disappear quickly.

Final result

Although the final result can only be evaluated after six months, you will see an improvement when we remove the stitches. Scars usually become very discreet.

Common Questions

What are the goals of blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery in Kanpur?

Eyelid surgery in Kanpur removes the appearance of permanent fatigue and gives you a more youthful appearance. It can sometimes improve vision by removing excess skin from the upper eyelids that droops and interferes with peripheral vision.

With eyelid surgery, do the wrinkles around the eyes (“crow’s feet”), the fall of the eyebrows and the “dark circles” disappear?

Eyelid surgery does not eliminate wrinkles around the eyes (“crow’s feet”), nor does it lift the fall of the eyebrows. Other techniques are indicated to correct these problems.

The “dark circles” may improve a little if they are related to large bags, but the dark color of the eyelid is not guaranteed to disappear. Currently with fat redistribution techniques or even fat injection it is possible to greatly improve the “dark circles”

Dr. Amit Verma

Dr Amit Verma is a senior plastic surgeon specializing in Aesthetic, Reconstructive & Burn Plastic Surgery. His solid academic background, years of accumulated experience and permanent scientific updating make him one of the most sought-after plastic surgeon in Kanpur.