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Facial Traumas and Fractures, also referred to as Maxillofacial Traumas, are any physical injuries located on the face, which can consecutively affect the skin, tissues, muscles, nerves, teeth, and bones and, in the most serious cases, be associated with brain damage.


Trauma is a serious and growing problem worldwide, being recognized as pandemic disease. According to data from the WHO (World Health Organization), trauma is among the main causes of morbidity and mortality. It is estimated at 8.5 million (in 2010) the number of deaths due to the consequences of trauma around the world. Of these, Traumas and Fractures of the Face and Head account for about 50% of all traumatic deaths.

The issue has become a matter of great relevance to physicians, especially those who work in the emergency department. Facial Traumas and Fractures have an increasing frequency, especially in the last four decades, and it is closely associated with physical aggression (in the first place) and the increase in accidents with motor vehicles (in second place), including pedestrians and bicycle accidents.

In addition, other important causes are sports accidents and falls in people of all age groups. In relation to Facial Traumas and Fractures specifically, they occur mainly in male and young people, between 20 and 30 years old.

In the elderly, the fall is the main mechanism of trauma and usually results from multiple pathological causes. Physiological mechanisms such as altered proprioception, weakness, tremor, and diminished reflexes facilitate falling. This is the age group least affected, but its recovery takes longer and possible complications are frequent.

Facial Traumas and Fractures are notable for leading to serious emotional and functional consequences, with the possibility of permanent deformities. It is a trauma of multidisciplinary scope, involving mainly the specialties of Trauma, Ophthalmology, Plastic Surgeon in Kanpur, Maxillofacial, and Neurosurgery.

A localized aggression on the face not only involves soft tissue and bones but also, by extension, can affect the brain, eyes, sinuses, and dentition. When there are accidents that involve greater kinetic energy, other associated and lethal injuries are present and have been little reported.


Performed through history, physical examination, and imaging (usually facial tomography). Even after correct diagnosis and face fracture treatment in Kanpur, complications can still arise.

Among the possible complications of Facial Trauma and Fractures are: loss of facial sensitivity (paresthesia) or loss of facial movements (paralysis), unsightly scars, skin retractions, vision changes, difficulty breathing, tooth loss, and malocclusion.

Facial Trauma / Face Fracture Treatment in Kanpur:

Conservative (non-surgical):

Clinical treatment for signs and symptoms. It is usually indicated when there is no fracture exposure. The intermaxillary fixation or maxillomandibular blockage is done by means of straps, arches, gutters, and/or suspensions.


Surgical face fracture treatment in Kanpur is indicated for fractures that present deviations and/or instability. Osteosynthesis occurs through the use of steel wires, plates, and screws, in addition to the use of intermaxillary fixation.

Type of Anesthesia:

Local or general anesthesia, depending on each patient and type of trauma.

Surgical technique:

First possible vital injuries are treated and then the treatment of injuries and fractures is carried out.

In the case of skin wounds, local anesthesia is applied and the wound is thoroughly cleaned and sutured in the first hours after the trauma.

Fractures, on the other hand, must be treated under general anesthesia and the procedure consists of restoring the broken bones using, generally, fixation with mini or microplates and titanium screws.

Hospitalization Time:

The length of stay will be determined according to the severity of the injuries.


After face fracture treatment in Kanpur, it is normal for the patient to have a lot of swelling and bruising in the affected areas, which will disappear after a few weeks.

Possible complications

Possible complications of surgery to correct facial trauma are:
• Hematomas;
• Poor healing;
• Nasal obstruction;
• Infection.

The final result of the surgery for correction of facial trauma treatment in Kanpur, as in all aesthetic surgeries, will depend on the reaction of the patient’s body and the zeal with the pre and postoperative indications.

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